Pearl Commercial Centre

Pearl Commercial Centre
Penview Hotel, Everrise, Pearl Brothers,

Pearl Commercial Cente

Limbang Plaza

Limbang Plaza
Purama Hotel, Ngui Kee, KFC, Sugar Bun

Limbang Plaza Sarawak

Junction 168

Junction 168
The bags shop,Bata,100%,Forda,3 Commercial floors

Demak Laut Commercial Centre

Demak Laut Commercial Centre
The Future is Here

Hartana Apartment

Hartana Apartment
128 units, 4 Blocks,4 Storey Walk-up apartment

Taman Indah Jaya Apartment

Taman Indah Jaya Apartment
80 units,4 storey walk-up Flat at 9th Miles

Electrical, Plumber, Roof Repair

Dear House Owner.

RT Brothers Group has the following Team member support :

1) Plumber : Mr. Wong Handphone : 019-889-3514

2) Electrical : Mr. Ngu See Soon Handphone : 016-860-0638

3) Electrical : Mr. Leong Handphone : 019-887-5665

4) Telekom Authorized Reseller for Streamyx :

Mr. Theng Handphone : 013-808-1260

5) Water Proofing : Mr. Tony Handphone : 013-801-9089

6) Telekom Authorized Telephone Cable Contractor :

Mr. Theng Handphone : 013-808-1260

7) Computer : Mr. Theng Handphone : 013-808-1260

8) Lock : Mr. Lim Handphone : 013-811-6609

9) Celcom Broadband : Mr To :019-888-8424

10) General Insurance : Mr. Victor : 016-856-3238

11) Personal Loan : Mr Lau 016-8922388

12) DiGi Corporate, DiGi Postpaid & DiGi Broadband: Austin Yap 016-889 2200

Rooms For Rent

Rooms For Rent
Daily,Weekly,Monthly, 0168660670

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Is there any Risk in buying strata title property ?

Dear Owners

Investment in property always carry some risks : the Landed one or strata title. The matter now is how do we manage the risks. The check list for managing your risks in investing the strata title property are as follow : -

1) The Developer Trade Record.
2) The Management Team
3) The Class of Property

Normally, we should further consider the following guidelines. This is to save time and money.
My mentor always remind me, learn from other people experiences because it save time and money.

1) Find out the management office
2) Select a good location
3) Set the right goal of owning property
4) Select a good mixed of good tenants or owners
5) The price must be reasonable.

If you score 5 points, you can proceed in buying this strata title property.

List of strata title property in Kuching,we recommended are :

1) Pearl Commercial Centre.
2) Limbang Plaza Shopping Mall
3) Yoshi Square

Monday, June 25, 2012

Virtual office rental could save 50% of operating cost

Dear Business Owners,

Virtual Office offers services for you to operating a business without having to maintain your own office.  You are sharing an office with other like mind people.  You are requirede to pay a fee for the services that you are needed.

This concept is very good for new business owner.  If you know these VOs at your area, you can benefit from it. You should be very happy because not all places has these business support. VO help business owner to set up a Business faster and more efficient. it cost less. If you are one man company, you can have more time to do marketing and bring in more customers. You can focus on your sales target. No Sales No Business. stop.

Normally,Virtual Office offers  a professional services like answering your phone, reply letters,
receiving your mail, accounting, legal matters,etc

It appear to those who operate from Home or extisting business. This is a transition where
you can save money before you can have your own office. It is because setting up an office reguired a lot of fund and time consuming exercise. They need to have a team of staff to work. It is like time sharing concept. You only paid what you use.

In Kuching, Our business partner is offering these services. The company is experienced and having a client base of 20 companies under them. For those business owners required an operaring office in Kuching.Please contact us for further information. Contact Mr Theng. 013-818-6655.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Penview Hotel, Pending, Sarawak, Anyone ?

Dear Friends,

Penview Hotel is located at Jalan Tun Razak, Pearl Commercial Centre, Pending, Sarawak.  Its has more 160 rooms. Its room rate range from RM 80.00 onwards.

This is the nearest  hotel before you come to the Kuching City Extension. Now. it is commonly known as Istmus Development area. The BCCK is located at this area  It is a stone away from the Newly lanuched Mega Project called  The  City Square. 10 minutes from the City centre, 25 minutes drive from the Airport.

Who came stay Here:-

1) travelling executives
2) for anniversary functions or wedding reception

Other landmarks are Everrise Supermarket, Unaco Supermarket, Rajah Court Hotel, Kuching Second Bridge, Normah Specialist Hospital,etc.

Food & Restaurant

Hotel has a restaurant. It is a halal restaurant. therefore, you can bring your muslim customers to dine and enjoy the food they serve. It offer buffer menu on Sunday, Friday. They also has good set menu.

What is Government Transformation Projects for?

Dear Friends,

What is tranformation means? What is the governent is saying about it?

Pemuda is set up to do the necessary programs to make these transformation works.
There are a lot of factors to look into, people income, people happiness, fair wealth distribution,
Transformation is a master plan for the nation to become a high income nation.
The team charge with the duties to move us there is PEMUDA.  High income means
the income is USD 16500.00.

What is high income nation? This is based on the UN defination that salary is USA  16, 500.00. per year. Transformation in a simple terms means looking for paths to become a high income nation.

This ia a master plan to become a high income nation. 

You need heavy industries to support this high income group. set up the score in Sarawak prove
to be a big help in this transformation programs.

What is a advance country?

Income is USD 15,000.00 per years.

Everyone must help to work toward this goals.  write a blog about thes or a post on your ideas.
who know may be one day some call we need your time and please join us for these programs

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sarawak Health Metropolis



Sarawak Health Metropolis is a master plan for the health metropolis and detailed its role in providing world-class public healthcare, medical research and education in the state. The Health Metropolis as announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak during the last Sarawak State Election will be one of the National Key Economic Areas (NKEA). The time has also come for Sarawak to lessen its dependence on the dwindling commodity-based natural resources. Our true wealth lies in our people and the talent they possess.The Health Metropolis would be the latest addition to the Kuching-Kota Samarahan Corridor, which already consists of two major universities – Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) and University Technology Malaysia (UiTM), the Samajaya Free Industrial Zone, Sarawak General Hospital Heart Centre and new housing estates.


  • The Sarawak Metropolis is expected to be a thriving centre full of ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY. The proposed Sarawak Health Metropolis will provide up to 3,000 new job opportunities and generate over RM100 million per year when fully completed. The project is expected to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) estimated around RM500 million. Besides, the project will boast residential, hotel projects besides the building of new general hospitals.

  • This project will also help to plug BRAIN DRAIN from Sarawak. This approach will help to retain our best and brightest and attract others to come and build careers and lives in Sarawak. Besides making medical facilities accessible to the people, he hopes it would attract international talent and multinational companies associated with the healthcare industry to partner and invest in Sarawak.

  • The metropolis would have universities for MEDICAL EDUCATION in traditional medicine and modern medicine practices; healthcare and biotechnology research facilities as well as manufacturing facilities for prescription drugs and medical equipment. Collaboration with Chinese and Singaporean instituitions will be carried on a joint venture basis to provide training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

  • The Sarawak Health Metropolis using biomedical high-technology would increase not only the QUALITY OF LIFE for all Malaysians but also prolong their life expectancy and good health. It will also put Malaysia into the top of nations with excellent healthcare.

  • The Health Metropolis will also be a central of excellence for healthcare RESEARCH such as pharmaceutical and drugs research. This coupled with the rich biodiversity of Sarawak can help contribute to the findings of new drugs for humanity. This will encourage local students to be involved in Research and Development activities which in our aspiration to be a developed countries.

  • The project will also help in the TOURISM sector, especially health tourism. There is a market around Southeast Asia whereby Sarawak can be a centre for affordable health treatment for neighbouring countries. Currently, a lot of Indonesian patient sought treatment in Sarawak. With such facilities, Sarawak can attract patient from as far as Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, etc.


The project will be proposed to be  implemented at a 200 acre site at Kuching-Samarahn Highway. The project could be carried out in a few phases and emphasis will be placed on developing it on a green and suistainable environment. The project will also propose to have a full-time management team to oversee and to promote the Health Metropolis.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kuching Park Hotel Anyone

Dear Friends,

Kuching Park Hotel is providing good accommodation for functions like annivesary dinner, wedding dinner or birthday dinner.  The hotel is offering an affordable room rate. It can accomodate more than 200 guests at any one time. It is very suitable for association functions. Its has a team of friendly staffs who understanding customers need. For your next functions consider Kuching Park Hotel as your destination. Any inquiry call 016-8660670.

Kuching Park Hotel is a well known hotel in Kuching. It is very easy to find. Just say, it is opposite the MBKS. or MBKS Swimming Pool.
This is in the town centre.
The room is very clean and big. The hotel just completed its renovation.

The room is big.

The benefits and advantages of staying at Kuching Park Hotel: 1) The Hotel is near the town area. 2) you do your jogging at MBKS. 3) do swimming at MBKS Swimming Pool. 4) go shopping at Hock Lee Centre.5) go shopping at Crown square. 6) go dinner at Crown square