Pearl Commercial Centre

Pearl Commercial Centre
Penview Hotel, Everrise, Pearl Brothers,

Pearl Commercial Cente

Limbang Plaza

Limbang Plaza
Purama Hotel, Ngui Kee, KFC, Sugar Bun

Limbang Plaza Sarawak

Junction 168

Junction 168
The bags shop,Bata,100%,Forda,3 Commercial floors

Demak Laut Commercial Centre

Demak Laut Commercial Centre
The Future is Here

Hartana Apartment

Hartana Apartment
128 units, 4 Blocks,4 Storey Walk-up apartment

Taman Indah Jaya Apartment

Taman Indah Jaya Apartment
80 units,4 storey walk-up Flat at 9th Miles

Electrical, Plumber, Roof Repair

Dear House Owner.

RT Brothers Group has the following Team member support :

1) Plumber : Mr. Wong Handphone : 019-889-3514

2) Electrical : Mr. Ngu See Soon Handphone : 016-860-0638

3) Electrical : Mr. Leong Handphone : 019-887-5665

4) Telekom Authorized Reseller for Streamyx :

Mr. Theng Handphone : 013-808-1260

5) Water Proofing : Mr. Tony Handphone : 013-801-9089

6) Telekom Authorized Telephone Cable Contractor :

Mr. Theng Handphone : 013-808-1260

7) Computer : Mr. Theng Handphone : 013-808-1260

8) Lock : Mr. Lim Handphone : 013-811-6609

9) Celcom Broadband : Mr To :019-888-8424

10) General Insurance : Mr. Victor : 016-856-3238

11) Personal Loan : Mr Lau 016-8922388

12) DiGi Corporate, DiGi Postpaid & DiGi Broadband: Austin Yap 016-889 2200

Rooms For Rent

Rooms For Rent
Daily,Weekly,Monthly, 0168660670

Friday, November 20, 2009

1000 more hotels room to let in Kuching

1,000 or more hotel rooms to let

The Borneo Post
By Raynore Mering

Eight hotels, some star-rated, set to bring hospitality industry to new level by 2010

KUCHING: The hospitality industry here is expected to see a boom next year with the opening of several new star-rated hotels offering twice as many rooms as the current ones put together.The number of hotel rooms is expected to double to about 2,000 units by next year with 80 per cent of them provided by the star-rated hotels.

CH Williams Talhar Wong & Yeo Sdn Bhd’s latest Sarawak Property Bulletin reported that the new hotels coming on stream here by 2010 are either three or four-star.It said eight hotels, six of which are rated three stars or higher, were completed or expected to be completed in the state capital this year and in 2010.

It noted that recent open sky policies have enabled the servicing of the Kuching routes by low-cost carriers such as Tiger Airways, SilkAir and Jetstar, for international destinations like Singapore Macau and Indonesia.

In this respect, it said: “With improving air access to Kuching as the gateway to Sarawak and Sarawak’s increasing popularity as a tourist destination, more investors are now prepared to bring on room stock as soon as possible.”

It added that this would help alleviate seasonal shortages of rooms especially around major events such as the annual World Rainforest Music Festival and Miri International Jazz Festival.

The Bulletin went on to say that in the first quarter of this year, Four Points by Sheraton Kuching, a four-star hotel with 421 rooms, was officially opened. The hotel was developed by Global Upline Sdn Bhd and managed by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide.

The Bulletin said Global Upline was also planning to build another four-star 220-room hotel at Tabuan Road here and it was initially planned to be completed this year.More recently, some existing shophouses at Taman Sri Sarawak Mall were taken over by Tune Hotels Regional Services Sdn Bhd and converted into a budget hotel in line with expansion plans for Tune Hotels.Another existing five-storey building along Jalan Abell, the Bulletin said was undergoing renovation for a three-star hotel named ‘The LimeTree Hotel’. It is expected to open this year.Other hotels under construction are Novotel Interhill at Jalan Mathies, Kuching Tower at the Kuching Isthmus and Plaza Merdeka at Jalan Barrack/Masjid. These properties are four-star hotels.The Bulletin said work on the 388-room Novotel was nearing completion. The 23-storey building, which includes two retail floors, is developed by Permata Kenyalang Sdn Bhd and managed by Europe’s leading hotel group, ACCOR.Kuching Tower, a 33-storey building, is being built in tandem with the construction of the Borneo Convention Centre. With works on the Convention Centre progressing well and due to open by 2009, the Kuching Tower is expected to begin construction any time soon.The Bulletin said the hotel could occupy the top 18 floors of the building with the rest of the floors devoted to retail and other services.“This integrated conven-tion and hotel centre aims to enable Kuching to host major national and regional conventions, expositions and trade shows which have been actively promoted by the Sarawak Convention Bureau set up in 2007,” it said.Meanwhile, it said a three to four-star boutique business and tourist hotel was currently underway as part of the development plan for the Plaza Merdeka Complex sited at the old Kuching town centre.

The 290-room hotel was expected to be operational in the second half of next year. It is developed by Rakyat Elite Sdn Bhd with Times Metropolitan Sdn Bhd as the sales and leasing company.

The five new properties will double the number of four to five-star hotels here. The existing four to five-star rated hotels are Holiday Inn Kuching, which is now Grand Margherita Hotel; Crowne Plaza Riverside, which is now Riverside Majestic Hotel; Hilton Kuching and Merdeka Palace Hotel and Suites, that collectively provide about 1,100 rooms.

Looking back at 2008, it said 95 rooms were added to the hospitality sector when the refurbished Hock Lee Centre Apartments was re-launched as 360 Hotel.

Another four-storey hotel, Dormani Hotel, along Jalan Datuk Ajibah Abol opposite the State Mosque was also opened as a hotel with a halal concept in July 2008, offering 72-security rooms.

The Borneo Post

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Electrical, Plumber, Roof Repair

Dear House Owner.

We have the following support :

1) Plumber : Mr. Wong Handphone : 019-889-3514

2) Electrical : Mr. Ngu See Soon Handphone : 016-860-0638

3) Electrical : Mr. Leong Handphone : 019-887-5665

4) Streamyx : Mr. Theng Handphone : 013-808-1260

5) Water Proof : Mr. Tony Handphone : 013-801-9089

6) Telephone : Mr. Theng Handphone : 013-808-1260

7) Computer : Mr. Theng Handphone : 013-808-1260

8) Lock : Mr. Lim Handphone : 013-811-6609


Friday, July 10, 2009

Security Tips

Dear Readers,

Security is always a concern in everywhere you go. PCCMC also included.

3 points plan to prevent breakin in your unit.

1) Installed Good iron gate with good lock.

2) Do not leave improtant documents at the office.

3) Learn this number 082-244-444. Police Hotline.
     know your address. there is no point without a valid address
     police can not find you

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What is Will writing?

What is Will Writing ?

Will Writing In Malaysia - An Introduction -

Will writing in Malaysia is becoming more popular as the Malaysian public become aware of its importance to their family.

Many people don't realize the problems their family have to go though if they die without leaving a Will. Among the problems faced is a much longer estate distribution process, more legal fees incurred and possible family hardship.

The worst case scenario that can happen is that your family will not have sufficient money to carry out the normal living expenses. This is because the law in Malaysia freezes all a person funds including those in savings account, FD, investment of any sort until a Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate is issued for such money to be unfrozen.

The whole process to get the Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate can more than a year. In the mean time, bank loans, car loans and other living expenses need to be paid. This is where a gap exist that many people overlook. With a valid Will, it shortens the process considerable for family members to access the funds.

Will writing in Malaysia can help reduce the potential family fights that can occur when people wrangle over the properties of the deceased. Those who have seen such unpleasant situation normally are wise to the necessity of writing a Will.

Recent tragedies like September 11 and tsunami have also awaken Malaysians to the fact of our own mortality. Thus it is no longer taboo to mentioned Will writing among the younger generation.

For the older generation, there is still some reservation when it comes to Will writing. It is only normal in such situations when we are forced to think about our existance.

Will Writing Options

There are a few options when it comes to Will writing in Malaysia. Traditionally
lawyers are the most common person to write a Will, Nowadays, professional Will writers are becoming common and people prefer to have them write their Will.

This is because :-

fees charged are reasonable
they offer ideas and suggestion to better distribute estate, taking minors and
other situation into consideration safe keeping of Wills
reminder services to update Will when there are significant changes
also trustee services - managing assets over time for beneficiaries

They provide a comprehensive services from the beginning when one writes a Will to the end where the Estate is distributed. For lawyers, there are areas where they don't provide such services.

Need more information email us at

Cost of writing Your Will : -

1) Trust Nomination Service Application RM10

One time Distribution Fee upon demise of 0.15%
On the Total Value Of thethe SettlorTrust Fund to be Distributed

2) Will Writing fee (Public, Non-Mutual Gold)

standard Will which costs RM450

One time Distribution Fee upon demise of20% of the Distribution Fee chargeable
the customer on the distribution of the customers estate

( NB: PBTSB chargesDistribution Fee of 1% on estate
of the first RM1 million and 0.5% for estate exceeding RM1 million )

Monday, March 16, 2009

For Sale

For Sale

This post is for you to post your property for sale.

You do it at the comment post.

This is a free posting services.

For Rent

This post is provided for you to post your property for rent ?

This is a free posting.

You can do at the comment post.

What is common property in Starta Title?

What is common property ?

Common property is classified as an area that shared by two or more unit owners. In other words, a space where two or more people can shared the use of it.

Examples of common property like the roof, staircase,lifts, escalators,  walkway, common corridor, septic tank, gutter, rain water down pipe, etc.

In Starta Title property, after the title is released. The management corporation is automatic formed. All the house purchasers or the owners are members. There is no need to be registered to become a member of the MC. The duties of the MC is to upkeep and maintain the common areas.

After the MC is formed, the committee members can open an current account. All members can deposit their management fund into this accoount. The MC would utilise this fund to managment all the common areas.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Questions and Answers Post

With more than 10 (ten) years working experience in handle the managment of common area. We face many challenges along the way. We keep on looking for an avenue to discuss and share my experience.

Now, with the help this blog, it give a lot of satisfaction to share my experience with unit owners.

If you have questions, or suggestions, Please do write your comments or post here. I will try my best to give you a balance answer. How do you know is a balance answer? you may ask, remember what we are dealing with is people here. There are a lot ways to solve the same situation. The important factors to consider before you make dedisions just remember we are dealing with people, it related resources, or location.

Happy Posting

Formation of Management Corporation

Formation of Management Corporation - MC

Before the MC is formed, the developer is responsible for the control and upkeep the common property. After the strata titles are issued by the Land and Survey Department, the MC is automaticly come into place. All Unit Owners are member of the MC.

Normally, the developer will call the first General Meeting, where the council members are elected. The MC Could has three to seven members.